Vehicle Winter Preparedness

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 Vehicle Winter Preparedness
 The winter months bring all types of crummy weather that can cause problems on the road.  Whether taking that long-awaited holiday road trip, or just running to the store for that forgotten  grocery item, it is important to always be prepared for the worst. Following are item suggestions  for an emergency winter kit to keep in your vehicle during the winter. 


Sand or Kitty Litter
Icy conditions often causes cars to slide on the road or get stuck due to a lack of tire traction. Coarse materials like sand or kitty litter can be poured near the tire to help give it traction and get the car out of a ditch or off an incline. 


If a car breaks down at night, fixing it on the fly will be difficult without a light source, particularly in the winter. Keeping a flashlight with fresh batteries will help one see or have light until help can arrive. 




Small Shovel
A small shovel can help to dig a car out of snow or create a lane for tire movement. Here in the midwest we know that snowfall can be unpredictable so having the tools to fix problems caused by snow is always important. 


Extra hat and gloves, Space Blanket 
When there are bad road conditions, it also affects the ability of service vehicle to get where they are going. If your vehicle breaks down, it is then difficult to estimate how long you will have to wait on the side of the road. Extra warm weather clothes will jeep you warm even if your car cannot provide heat. Similarly, keeping a space blanket in the car allows you to hunker down and wait for help. 


First Aid Kit
As we have discussed, wait times for emergency respondents can be extended during rough winter weather. If an injury occurs, even a minor one, it is important to address it immediately. A basic first aid kit will go a long way in preventing an injury from getting worse before medial aid arrives. 




Power Pack and Phone Charger
If a car dies on a lonely winter road and the driver forgot the charge their cell phone, calling for help becomes a massive problem. Whether needing to call roadside services to request help or coordinating the arrival of such services, an extra power source ensures constant communication. 



Jumper Cables
Many drivers already keep jumper cables in their vehicle but it is always a good idea to double check then make sure the cables are working property. It is a help to no one and can cause major problems realizing the jumper cables do not work when called upon. 




What are your strategies for surviving the winter roads? Any advice for you fellow drivers? 

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